Wuxi Kang Te Electronics has taken the lead in researching and designing of corona system since 1981 in China. We have been successfully developed 5 versions of corona system. In the meantime, we have been absorbing overseas advanced technique, applying the front theory of power supply—MRC-PWM, FB-PWM and microchip control, we successfully developed a kind of high efficient corona system--CTG series.
The quality of the products used by the customers keeps high over decades, and the products are highly praised by the customers. Our corona systems take the lead position with stable performance, long serving life, high quality, easy to use, small size, high efficient and reliability.
Our company has years experiences and theory on surface treatment (also corona treatment ) of all kinds of plastic foil, metal film and flexible package materials. With powerful technical strength, our company mainly sells corona treatment equipment and its accessories, high voltage electrostatic generator, and electrostatic eliminator, and maintenace of all kinds of corona system is also provided.